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Found 4 results

  1. I was stumbling around YouTube when I came across "Chato" and his (possible) outrage at the Dove Gaming's "Big fat/ugly women" avatars. This took me down a rabbit hole to "Space Quest," female-friendly game character Space Janitor "Roger Wilco" and this OST. Press PLAY if you want to wander around the "Arcada," trying to escape destruction. Then there's the desert planet, Kerona, the Spider Droid, and way-too-powerful Kerona Ale.
  2. I saw CBS All Access "Star Trek: Below Decks" pilot and came away as unimpressed as I'd been after seeing the official trailer. (It makes "Star Trek: The Animated Series" look like Shakespeare, by comparison.) Over on YouTube, Dust, which usually presents better-than-average short films is rolling out "Other Space," a 2015 Yahoo series that didn't make it to a second season. With all of these "attempts at humor," I submit an ancient Sierra Online game play through. (It's better than looking for an episode of "Midsomer Murders" to forget low quality video.) For the record, "Roger Wilco" is at the space academy, aiming for the Captain's chair...
  3. What was I playing instead of "Leisure Suit Larry"? I was stumbling across space and time as janitor "Roger Wilco" in "Space Quest 1," that's what. (With Roger's dodgy footwork, escaping from danger was an adventure in itself!) What's different about this version? This player had/has a Roland MT32 sound card, which fully realized the soundtrack. (A Sound Blaster sound card was better than the PC speaker...just.) So, put away your mop, danger's around the corner!
  4. And now for something completely different. I saw this game at computer stores in the 1990's and...passed on it. (I'd rather get smoked by Sariens as "Roger Wilco" than play a "40-year-old-balding-Lothario" trying to bed a buxom woman.) However, if you'd like to swim in this part of the gene pool, be my guest. (Double entendres, Sexism, and "dirty old man moves" are rampant in this Sierra Online digital world.) You have been warned! VGA point-and-click version.
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