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Found 4 results

  1. The History Guy was holding court yesterday, washing and waxing the reputation of the Dakotas. (He grew up in South Dakota, the "civilized Dakota.;) As the tale of the "civilized" South and "barbarian" North went on, "Peter Schickele" and "The University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople" came to mind. I mentioned it is a post, and another said that Peter Schikele WAS PDQ Bach! I set that fellow straight, then the "Sanka Cantata" came to mind. Presented for folks suffering from caffeiene overload, "PDQ Bach, Unleaded.";)
  2. This "Multi-insturmentalist" is amazing! (Kinda reminds me of "Richie Havens at Woodstock 1969.";) Will the pianist ever find a parking space? Can the Bassoonist "keep a firm grip" on the proceedings? It's a YouTube serial! Did PDQ Bach ever "do Rap"?
  3. A concert of PDQ Bach's less-than-memorable "Erotcia" Variations for Piano and mixed "musical insturment" ensemble. Think of it as high class "Weird Al" Yankovic for Classical music.;) PDQ Bach Speaks!
  4. Submitted for your (dis)approval, here is a major work by the least (talented) son of J.S. Bach. Instead of just listening to the "composition," watch as this large and talented orchestra "makes Spike Jones proud.";)
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