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Found 3 results

  1. Submitted for your approval, a video dispatch from "Techmoan," safely esconced in his decrepit, er, classic tech bunker for the next 3 months. Have you ever seen a 10.5 inch reel open reel tape recorder spooling out incredible sound in, say, the mid 1970's at an "Audio Center"-like electronics tech store? (Or at the home of "the coolest kids in the neighborhood"?) I recall seeing these "monster tape reel" units at such high tech stores and remember magazine ads for ReVox tape recorders, showing off their "play all day/night" capabilities. Here is a tour of a much-used Sony open reel tape recor
  2. This (apparently) iEurope-only automobile tape player system lost out to the 4- and 8-track Lear Jet system in the long run. Nevertheless, even for a monoaural, single speaker (downward firing) car tape player, I'll bet there's a tinkering genius who's still using this in his (large) classic sedan. It's a neat system, and the tape reels can be taken out to play on vintage reel-to-reel tape recorders.;)
  3. Here's an old piece of tech that I looked at for a second, then turned away when I saw the price of the media and playback/record hardware. I had wondered if there was something more interesting than Compact Cassettes, and the techie buzz was hot for MiniDisc. Like Apple computers, this tech was priced way above my take home pay level, so I stayed with audio cassettes until recordable CDs and DVDs arrived for Ye Olde Computer. Did you have the scratch to invest in the MiniDisc system? And, by the way, this British YouTube techie is very entertaining, having looked at 4- and 8-track systems, RC
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