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Found 4 results

  1. This "Freddie vs. Jason"-type movie was mentioned in a discussion thread at The Movie Database. Submitted for your approval, two Japanese Horror franchises meet in a battle for supremacy over "the real world." On the West side, "Sadako," the well-dwelling wraith first seen on a cursed videotape. On the East side, "Kayako," a "cursed house"-dweller who welcomes you to Oblivion. Which of these malevolent modern day demons will prevail? Approach at your own peril. You Have Been Warned!
  2. I just saw the 2004 made-in-Japan-with-U.S.-actors version, which was...unsettling due to it's non-linear track. Here is the (English subtitled) 2000 original ("Toshio") for those who think nothing of going "where angels fear to tread," only to disappear forever. The black cat (Kuro Neko) is a fixture of Japanese folk tales, especially in the Horror genre. Welcome to the house, the people (and things) there are waiting to assist you on your trip to Oblivion...
  3. Otokichi


    I was looking at the movie listings on Spectrum when I spotted "The Ring 2" as something to see besides "Dunkirk." A quick Google! search for the movie "covering the same ground as "The Ring," made me realize that I hadn't seen the original. A YouTube search for "Ringu" led me to this movie, which was new to me. As usual, Beware of strange links or unlabeled VHS cassettes, something might visit you when you least expect it and...
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDBMBeO29eI Submitted for your approval, a Halloween tale. I have an iPod Plus, and my cell phone is pay-as-you-go-for-emergencies-only-plain. So I don't have many interesting Apps. Still, is there a cell phone App for everything? This modern Japanese tale suggests that there is an App that will allow you to "talk to the dead." But, should you?
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