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  1. There have been all kinds of moons appearing of late, but here is an original by IZIK.;)
  2. This morning, the rain came back with a vengeance, after a day of "mostly sunny" conditions. But, after the "morning soak," it was "blue skies, sunshine, and a few clouds" as northerly winds took hold. Here's Ben Vegas and Maila Gibson, two Wedding Singers, rocking along with an island original.;)
  3. A tune about Oahu's eastern most peninsula, said to be a stepping stone for Hawaiian Gods/Goddesses to go to Kaua'i. Here's a Super Bowl Sunday instrumental to light up your life. (We're in the middle of some "English Weather" that will last until Thursday.)
  4. Otokichi


    Jake Shimabukuro and Josh Nakazawa go at it to shake the cobwebs off Winter. This instrumental isn't going to be found playing in, say, Bob's Burgers of New Jersey, but it will get you moving.;)
  5. A spirited version of Bina Mossman's salute to delicious fish and how to enjoy them.;) Huapala lyrics to "He 'Ono" Ka'au Crater Boys "fine art of eating" version
  6. A reminder that interesting/great things happen "by the light of the moon.;)
  7. After the "War Thunder"-level fireworks detonations, here's something to greet a new morning. (Or finish a partly sunny day.;)
  8. Submitted for your approval, "Silent Night" in Hawaiian, by Stephen Inglis.
  9. And now, a song associated with Karen Carpenter, covered by the John River Trio, to celebrate long distance relationships. (Or get that Christmas Muzak out of your head.;)
  10. Tantalus is both a winding/switchback road leading to the summit and the "mountain top" as well. Submitted for your approval, Jeff Peterson takes us on the road up the hill...;)
  11. A sorta-Country song about Christmas penned by Amy Grant, and covered by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Submitted for you approval, something to get you on the ski slopes and around the fire after making "snow angels" all the way down the bunny slopes.;)
  12. The human voice can be the most expressive/difficult to capture for recording boffins. Submitted for your approval, a performing artist who needs no musical instruments to make an impression that's the envy of any Rap or Scat singer. (I can see this performer could replace a stable of Foley artists for that "Italian post-dialogue" sound.;)
  13. A call to action to the people of Hawaii at the Hawaii Theater. E NA KINI Words and Music by: Ernest Kala E na kini o ka ‘aina e ala mai, a e ala pu O people of the land rise up!!, And rise up together!! , E na mamo o Hawai'i nei e ala mai, a e ala pu, O Hawaiian descendants rise up!!, And rise up together!! A imua na poki'i a inu i ka wai ‘awa'awa, And the younger generations move forward and drink the bitter water, A e mau ka lanakila, e na kini o ka ‘aina, The victory lives always, O people of the land, E na mamo o Hawai'i nei e ala mai, a e ala pu.
  14. So you're on the mainland at school and Winter is getting you down. What does a homesick Hawaiian musician sing about when there's a blizzard out there, and cars are skating across icy roads? Outside, it's breezy and partly sunny, a great day to go Christmas shopping. (I think I'll wait another day for the Black Friday virus subsides.;)
  15. Sorry, but Huapala.org doesn't have "Ku'u Pua Sakura" lyrics in the database. However, it is a song about Japanese cherry blossoms (Sakura).
  16. The "Roberta Flack" version, with Acapella chorus to start the song.
  17. Yoza sings about someone with an Attitude, a Plan, and lots of broken hearts left in the dust. Is this Hall & Oates' "Maneater"?
  18. A place name song for James "Kimo" Henderson of Hilo, Hawaii.
  19. In spite of the title, this isn't a cover of the Soft Rock song by Air Supply. Nope, this is a "baby, please come back!" kinda song for clueless Players and Hipsters.
  20. Pure Heart owned Hawaii airwaves in the early 2000s, with each member of the trio going on to successful solo careers. Here's a full Hi Sessions concert for fans and people across the Internet.;)
  21. Acoustic doesn't mean Hi Sessions artists don't Rock Out. Here's a Hard Rock song from Erin Smith for your wild Saturday night on the town.;)
  22. One man band Aidan James shows off his 'Ukulele skills as he sings "Don't Let Me Drown" on the Hawaii Theater stage.
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