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  1. Submitted for your approval, a "four strings" instrumentalist plays a tune made famous by Freddie Mercury's band.
  2. I am the ghost of Christmas Past, Mr. Scrooge...Not! Crimson Apple pops up with a Christmas gift for...someone else!
  3. Here's a little Christmas season present, an "I need you" song from Crimson Apple.;)
  4. Songs about toxic love are the norm in Blues songs, but then, so are "I need you" songs, too. This is the latter, just in time for the Christmas season...
  5. Outside, there's a full moon for Thanksgiving, but here's a different kind of moon for the love in your life.
  6. Will Evans says that this was his first try at Looping. (Funny, it sounds like he's a veteran "one man band.";)
  7. Hawaii musicians do indeed go to exotic locations as they play their music at venues featuring World or Native music. Put your Ruby slippers on, and say...;)
  8. Hello Space Cowboys (and Cowgirls) it's time for a countdown to ecstasy. Here's a bouncy "playtime" tune for the weekend to remind you that Adults are just "obsolete children.";)
  9. An uptempo love song to guess who, featuring Guitar, audio EFX, and a multispeed vocal. Let's get it on!
  10. Submitted for your approval, a frequent Maui visitor, Will Adams.
  11. Some musicians can do one thing, but others can do nearly every thing! (Hi Sessions never ceases to amaze as it showcases local talent.;)
  12. A few years ago, I came across an announcment that The Hawaiian Style Band was primed for a restart. I never heard any more about that, though there were some interesting demo tracks that showed they were as sharp as ever. Now they're at "HI Sessions" in the classic lineup, doing old and new songs. Here's one for your weekend backyard BBQ gathering under the stars.;)
  13. Something cool abd breezy for the weekend, even if you're not going anywhere. listening to "Harry Walker" in the KBEX radio, doing the traffic report.
  14. Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel perform a lively version of "Restless," associated with Alison Krauss & Union Station. Don't these hot Summer nights leave you a tad restless?;)
  15. Submitted for your approval, a cover of Morton Stevens' iconic TV theme, "Hawaii Five-0." Something to get your weekend off to a lively start just before Armed Forces Day...
  16. A speedy instrumental that features both Guitar and 'Ukulele. Watch out, don't disturb those honey-makers.;)
  17. Ease on down the road into the weekend with Your Significant Other.;)
  18. Reggae has a laid back tempo, right? Kapena's "Reggae Train" is a real locomotive, headed on down the line, burning something more potent than Ganja...;)
  19. Featured on last night's "HI Sessions" on KFVE, here's something for the weekend.
  20. A James Taylor cover to ease you into the Weekend...
  21. No, this is not the "Lazy Song"-speed tune by The Rascals. It does however, have a "Surfer on the waves" feel to it.;)
  22. The local weather forcast calls for a rainy weekend. The skies outside as as cloudy as the scenery where Mango Season is playing. Here's hoping that your weekend won't get rained (or snowed) out!;)
  23. Sometimes, it's hard to separate Dreams from Reality. Pleasant dreams, all.;)
  24. Out here, the weather is "variable winds (what wind?) with afternoon cloudy/rainy afternoons" (hot, humid Kona weather). It's time to greet the upcoming weekend and get out of the house! (Spring isn't quite here, but this tune will get you moving.;)
  25. An energetic trio that looks for Hawaiian songs that can be "tuned high" for Falsetto performances. Three old friends who have been playing in a "15 year marriage." of words and music.;) "Sweet Lei Lehua" Lyrics and chord details
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