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  1. Just when I was about to meander along, HI Sessions springs this unexpected gem on me! Leave the door open, you'll never know what will stroll in and take you on a trip...
  2. This just popped up from HI Sessions. Time for a little bit of Country in Hawaii.;)
  3. After the local "you are there in Ukraine" battle of the deaf explosion makers on new year's eve, something to ease you into the coming week. Press PLAY for solo acoustic Heaven.;)
  4. A "Place name song" written by Gerald Santos during his "Olomana" days in the 1970's. One writer has mentioned that Bobby is performing solo a song usually done by two guitarists. Note: Hahalu'u is "just down the road" from the HI Sessions performing venue.
  5. And now, instrumental magic from HI Sessions artist, Brittni Paiva.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRYBVpV10dg&list=RDXFkJ2yT0AvY&index=3 A set of performances by "HI Sessions" performers, with more by "Streetlight Cadence" to brighten a cloudy afternoon...
  7. Submitted for a Sunday evening, a jaunty, uptempo instrumental from two island master players. Just the thing to ease you into Monday.
  8. In the 1990's, Hapa, a duo featuring the works of Barry Flanagan was king of the radio airwaves. This cover by Danny Carvalho follows in that tradition and moves past it... Barry Flanagan and Keli'i Kaneali'i, reunited after 17 years, on Kaua'i.
  9. Submitted for your approval, a spirited cover of Ledward Kaapana's medley of Slack Key instrumental tunes. Even in the Summer heat, this tune is cool...
  10. Tobias Elof of Denmark is a student Hawaiian Slack Key music. Submitted for your approval, a delicate instrumental for someone.;)
  11. A chance meeting out on the town leads to an age old question.
  12. Submitted for your approval, a mellow cover of a U2 signature song. Have a safe weekend and Memorial Day. (The next door neighbor's kids had a somewhat noisy/spirited celebration.)
  13. A spirited instrumental from a visiting French 'Ukulele artist.;)
  14. A song of love for these troubled times from Maila Gibson.
  15. There was a "Pink Moon" seen around the world. So, "don't bark or bite" and go dancing in the moonlight. If it happens to be Maui, so much the better.;)
  16. A song about a Player amd a guy who's being played. Watch out boy, she's a maneater!;)
  17. A simple song for a complicated world this Friday evening...
  18. When I saw the title, I thought it was going to be about a "princely lover." The lyrics got me to turn on "closed captioning" to see if what I'd heard was right. Is this a song about a lover, or "liquid courage" that makes her "wake up on the wrong side of the bed?";)
  19. A laid-back Reggae tempo love song. She's st the Top of the World...
  20. What we've got here is "failure to communicate..." Anyway, rock the weekend away with this spirited Rock song.;)
  21. Tavana asks the basic question of our times, about Love, Brotherhood, and Giving instead of Taking...
  22. It's a new year, so here's a song about starting over...
  23. The chaos pf Christmas/Holiday shopping is enough to drive one crazy, especially looking for parking or navigating The Mall. Take off those soggy shoes, set your packages down, pour yourself something to take the edge off, and play this "Meet Me In St. Louis" movie classic song. See you in 2020.;)
  24. "The Fiddle Man," a song written for composer Sam L'ia
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