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Found 15 results

  1. Our favorite multi-lingual Dutch gamer, Gab Smolders is back with something from Steam. An anomaly game, where things are definitely not what they appear to be. Press PLAY to see what lurks in/near a Japanese subway.;) The Exit 8 on a Tokyo subway...
  2. Hello again, gamesters, our favorite adventurer, Gab Smolders is at sea once again. Press PLAY if rumors of "a Megalodon in the trench" doesn't scare you...;)
  3. Hello, it's our favorite Dutch game player, Gab Smolders. Here's an official release of a game from her collegial past. Press PLAY, if you dare!
  4. It's been a while since the Norton Utilities would let me access Songfacts Forum, so here's our favorite multilingual gamer, Gab Smolders, at play. In the "Yomawari" series, you're a little girl, wandering around the town at night, navigating "strange places that go 'Bump!' in the night." Press PLAY if you dare!
  5. What's going on with video games? Here's what "Gab Smolders" has been doing, starting over in "Stardew Valley.";)
  6. Gab Smolders is taking a trip on the Wayback Machine to play a new version of a Nintendo PS2 game. It's up to version 5, and our intrepid Dutch explorer is going to play all of the series throughout the Summer of 2021. What lies ahead? How did this game become a gateway to Japanese language, culture, and tattoos? Press "PLAY" to continue...
  7. Gab Smolders puts on her Nancy Drew detective's cap in this Japanese-language-with-subtitles 1988 game that's been modernized for 2021. Can you figure out what's going on? Who's doing what to whom? (Just the thing to come down from the drama/terror of "Subnautica Below Zero.";)
  8. Submitted for gamers with a sense of humor, two experienced gamers take on "Portal 2." Let the jokes and witty repartee begin...
  9. The Mongols are coming! The Mongols have landed! Attack the Mongols! Uh, what happened? In 1274 and 1281, The Yuan Empire crossed the East China Sea to conquer Japan. You are at the "tip of the spear," on Tsushima island, and the Mongols have begun to take over your island home. Take up the Katana and drive the Mongols back into the sea! This is a Japanese dub with English subtitles, so the action in this "first person slasher" is like being inside a movie like "Seven Samurai" or "Yojimbo." Have you scrounged for supplies? Good, it is time to fight!
  10. It's time to fly, crash, swim, and dive. Does that sound like "Subnautica"? Nope, this is an older game, Bioshock, for those who think nothing of "touring under the sea." Gab Smolders revisits an epic undersea adventure game...
  11. And now for something (somewhat) different. It's Medieval World time in Westworl..Oops, wrong genre. It's definitely a medieval world all right, and that roaring in the distance isn't "nothing." Action and Mead make for an interesting action adventure game in a low tech world. Grab a sword and prepare to do battle!
  12. Submitted for your approval, a buddy that you don't have to keep at a distance. Get ready for an ASCII text world and greet your new best friend...
  13. Submitted for your approval, a "deserted island adventure"! Set your part of the world, your game name, and your appearance before going to your destination. Got your hunter-gatherer instincts packed? Answer the questions posed by the squeaky-voiced staff and you'll be on your way...
  14. Do you have a full load of "Irish Luck"? Then head for Dublin and prepare to search for "a legendary spirit" that's on the loose, freely creating mayhem...
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2x5abGQ8BMY&list=PLGxV8JnoT5Qi8Tp7kfnJPq47_BjcgbQyH So, "The Convenience Store" is way too modern for you? How about visiting Japan during the Warring States (Sengoku Jidai) era? Get into your stealth mode, you are a Shinobi/Ninja seeking to rescue an imprisoned child Lord and revenge on the usurper who ruined your province. Warning! This is a sword-and-spear world, where almost no warrior dies in bed. (The introduction scenes will show graphic violence, to be found on and off the battlefield. First, you have to sneak into and out of a guarded castle...
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