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Found 5 results

  1. Winds are blowing from the South, clouds, heavy rain and humid conditions will rule for several days. With this depressing local weather report, here's something to "keep your sunny side up." Press PLAY if local weather conditions have got you "down in the dumps..."
  2. Shortly after the turn of the century and before THE MESSAGE and BlackRock's ESG infected Hollyweird, Fox TV had Something Completely Different. Adam Baldwin sings "The Man They Call Jayne" from the "Firefly episode "Jaynestown," a capella. Press PLAY if you want to find out "how it feels to insane.";)
  3. Spring is out there, somewhere, but if the Winter Blues have a death grip on your town, here's a Shiny/Sunny song to get you in a better mood.;)
  4. I was looking at naive YouTube reactors looking at "Firefly," and I happened across a much longer, free form version of "The Theme from 'Firefly." With Hollyweird trying to re-imagine cult TV series and failing miserably to understand what made them great, this was a welcome grassroots original. So, if you get stuck in traffic or a long line somewhere, here's a song for that occasion. It's almost as interesting as "Weird Al" Yankovic's "The Saga Begins," and you might get a "Jayne Hat" from a fellow Browncoat.;) Here's something Shiny: Kaylee's Song Vixy & Tony Live
  5. Once again. music is the randm thought this week. As SyFy kicks "The Expanse" into the trash bin, and talks with Amazon about season 4 continue, here's a pre-Summer "Firefly" to buss around with the Termites.;)
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