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Found 2 results

  1. Here's a 2014 performance that I couldn't attach to the previous Film Symphony Orchestra post. Note the solo trumpeter who "got his Marlboro country" hat on.;) "Star Wars IV: Main Theme"
  2. Nelle Harper Lee has flown away to compare plot points with Truman Capote. Mississippi bids farewell to a favorite daughter/writer who brought "Atticus Finch" to life. Elmer Bernstein wrote another of his great movie music themes, capturing the very essence of childhood...poised to ascend the winding stairway to adulthood. I ran across "To Kill A Mockingbird" among my older sister's English class books, picked it up, and started reading. Aiea, back in the late 1950's/early 1960's was just as sleepy and quiet in the Summer heat, so stepping into Monroeville was like opening a door to a familiar place. Aside from reversed roles, I could see my sister and I wandering through "the confusing world of Adults." No mad dogs, but there was a U.S. Navy laundry/training station across the street. (I remember one time when a slightly drunk sailor came by the house seeking a date from my high school age sister.) We walked everywhere, since Aiea town proper was a quarter mile down Moanalua Road, where one could see just how brown Aiea Stream had turned downstream from the sugar mill. Bank of Hawaii shared the same building with the post office, which was across the street from the pool hall, which was shaded by an enormous Koa tree. Monsters could be found at Aiea Theater every week, from Frankenstein to "Them!" Small kid time in small town Hawaii: priceless! Modern "To Kill A Mockingbird" soundtrack
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