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Found 13 results

  1. Instead of another "Techmoan" or VWestlife" tech tale, here's a short story about the birth of Someone Completely Different. Rod Serling would be proud of these people.;)
  2. One can buy a spectrum of goods from vending machines in Japan. Take this concept to an (un)natural conclusion and see what kind of world you get. Press PLAY to "enter the world of tomorrow!";)
  3. A disturbing tale of "one possible future," where all is not what it seems to be. Press PLAY if you dare...
  4. Among the many subscriptions I have on YouTube, DUST is one of the most interesting/unusual/original channels around. I had forgotten about "Horizons" with numerous possible videos available, but this anthology is up to episode 6. I have some catching up to do, while all you have to do is press PLAY to experience strange new worlds. (No, that CBS series isn't up to the level of these tales.;)
  5. Some people can't be bothered with driving on the road. Others would prefer "someone else to do the driving." Take a look at the Future, when "driverless" cars will take you anywhere...
  6. Usually, DUST films run from 5-25 minutes and feature unusual science fiction tales that rival Hollyweird's best. In a grand departure, here is a Series! A lawman is unofficially sent to investigate a "where did it go?" science vessel and finds it drifting in space. What follows, in less-than-10-minute segments, is a tale of wonder/fear/impending doom. Press PLAY if you dare.
  7. Travel, through Space or Time, can be done at any time by children. It's time for liftoff to the Moon, in search of a fabled treasure, lost by a great hero. Will the expedition succeed this time? The Captain is speaking...
  8. How well do you remember the events of your life? This short film has been compared to "Black Mirror," which I've never seen. But Rod Serling would recognize this tale.
  9. How's this for an interesting music video? Pay close attention to the brochures the couple read "before taking a long journey." This seaside house reminds me of certain Japanese movies.
  10. A question for Science Nerds: What would a "Wormhole" look like? Could something pass through it intact? When/where would it exit the "Wormhole"? Watch two brothers calculate, discover, and reap the result...
  11. Submitted for your approval, a great technological breakthrough: Time Travel! Our time traveler seeks to meet someone from The Past and change his present life. So he follows a Platinum blonde through a park and...
  12. Another short film from DUST, with a musical theme, discovered by Aliens, searching for interesting artifacts from a possibly dead world...
  13. A short film from DUST, about a dry-as-dust world in need of a change. A reminder that Hollyweird has no idea how to make this kind of film...if they ever did.
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