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Found 5 results

  1. Is Science Fiction always a hard dramatic slog? Nope. Here's a short look at a town full of scientific geniuses and the (supposedly) normal Sheriff who rides herd on them. It's short look not because of a truncated season/studio cancellation, but what looks like a case of a YouTube reactor's burnout. That said, there's a new Sheriff in town, so let's go...
  2. Oh my, YouTube strikes again! This time it's a Romeo and Juliet tale with Ballad Land vs. Beat Land in a musical battle of the bands. What does this have to do with Science Fiction? Press PLAY if you dare. (Beware the Gonks!;)
  3. Last Sunday, Turner Classic Movies' "TCM Imports" broadcast "Run, Lola, Run" as the first of two foreign movies. (The second film was "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner." which I'd seen a while ago.) Since EVERYBODY has seen "Lola Rennt," here's a very different German film, "Goodbye, Lenin!" I haven't seen this film either, and I found one with English subtitles, to boot! So, return with us to those Cold War days, when The German Democratic Republic was a confident, forward looking state, kept in "good socialist standing" by the STASI...
  4. Submitted for your approval, a "greyed-out" letterbox version of a "three eras/three aspect ratio" movie.
  5. A person is at a crossroads, and in her mind, avatars representing various emotions hold a meeting to vote on how to influence her. Does it sound like Disney's animated feature "Inside Out"? Nope, this is the original, "Poison Berry In My Brain," which arrived in Japanese theaters earlier. Disney has the advantage of colorful avatars and a preteen protagonist. I was searching for a subscription/pay version of "Poison Berry," when I stumbled across this site. "Inside Out 2" arrives this Summer, with a Teen protagonist. See what you think of the Japanese Adult version.
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