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Found 6 results

  1. I didn't see much of anything on YouTube about "Star Wars," which was a surprise. ("Let The Fourth Be With You!") I guess Disney's mission to destroy the franchise has succeeded. (sigh.) But it's another day, so celebrate the Battle of Puebla (1862), where the equivalent of a Mexican National Guard unit defeated an invading French army sent by Napoleon III. (Nope, NOT Mexican Independence Day.) Have some Dos Equis beer or Tequila and jump around in your Low Rider.;)
  2. Father's Day is coming up. and "Techmoan" has a doozy of a "Fix-It Felix" piece of tech that would puzzle most "all-things-audio" experts. Submitted for your befuddlement is a background music player for your local Piggly Wiggly or Wal-Mart of the 1970's. As a business owner, you could regale your customers with your taste in Muzak, sprinkle the day with limited time sales announcements, and drive your staff to distraction. But the behemoth "needs a few repairs." Will Matt be able to play the one 1/4 inch tape cartridge he has? Press "Play" to find out...
  3. It's Christmas time in the mid-1970s, and The man/woman/significant other who has everything is a tough nut to crack. Fear not, "Techmoan," the "Dr. Who of YouTube" has The Answer! For nearly a Prince's ransom, you can make that person's tax time memorable with a CalcuPen! It Calculates! It Writes! It has an LED display! It even has somewhat-hard-to-find batteries! (This vlog even has "Techmoan Family" puppets!) Find one on eBay today!
  4. Looking around for a "Song Images" video, I looked for a duo with Henry Kapono. Cecilio Rodrigues and Henry Kapono rode a local popularity wave via radio and concerts in the 1970's, and this "night in Waikiki" video sorta fits.
  5. Enough with the "November gloom" songs, Let's Dance! By the way, "Redbone" is/was a substitute/neutral word for "half-breed/mixed race Indian." (I heard about it on a YouTube video, but skipped it so as not to subject interested parties to another/acoustic version of "Come And Get Your Love.) Here's a tale about "Come And Get Your Love" Pat Vegas of Redbone recalls his days with Lolly "You Keep Me Uptight" (Blues) "Down the rabbit hole" with Redbone How "Redbone" the band got it's name.
  6. It's been a hot, humid day, so I put on an "Al Stewart's Greatest Hits" YouTube playlist and read the newspaper. This was the final song, and yes, the tourists are usually headed elsewhere, so it (sorta) fits the cloudy, rainy late afternnon vibe. A tale that comes to mind when "Year of the Cat" is played...
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