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Found 4 results

  1. Submitted for your enjoyment/puzzlement, a quirky Czech film about two young women who "take old geezers for a ride." Another in Turner Classic Movies' "Women Who Make Film" series. This wildly hedonistic film sprinted by the usually staid/alert censors as it slips between color and black-and-white footage to an original soundtrack usually associated with the likes of Fellini or Vadim. Whee!;)
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/may/09/the-real-lord-of-the-flies-what-happened-when-six-boys-were-shipwrecked-for-15-months?utm_source=pocket-newtab Submitted for your approval, a tale unknown/ignored by Hollyweird that took place in the mid 1960's. Six teen boys scheme to "see the world" and sail off into a storm and shipwreck on a tiny island. Did these 13-16 year-olds turn into the "tribal savages of the 'Lord of the Flies" book? " Steal the most rickety outrigger canoe and stock it with minimal supplies, you're off an a much longer than "a three hour tour."
  3. It's a not-too-hot late August Sunday. I was thinking about "Song Images," and I'd selected the usual video, but decided to see what was tagged to this image. Get a tall cool one out of the refrigerator, light up a "Morley" cigarette and take a trip to Wyoming...
  4. It's officially Summer time! Submitted for your approval, a song I've associated with "Summer" ever since I heard it played on the radio. It's been "96 degrees in the shade" locally due to light/no winds earlier this week, but the trade winds are back, and Summer is cool again. I wonder if I should contrast "Red Rubber Ball" with "Summer (The First Time)"? Is it "The Summer of '42"?
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