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Found 4 results

  1. The Wayback Machine broke down near Bethel, New York, and this was song was playing on 1969 radio.
  2. Submitted for your approval, a UK Talking Book Service machine and tapes. "Techmoan" can finally reveal what he knows about this "super-niche" product of the 1960's. Imagine an 8 track 1/4 inch tape player that allows you to hear a book being read, along with a unique indexing system that works as the tape us rewound! Let's take a trip to the dark side...
  3. So, you've got your music library on The Cloud, all 256GB worth, and your Bluetooth headset is buzzing to the beat. Pshaw, you ain't heard nothing yet! Back in the day, stereo headphones were huge things weighing at least 500g, and keeping time to the music was a workout. Here's a group you've heard of, doing a homage to those Koss Pro 4a's and AKG K240 studio monitor headphones. Rock if you dare!;) Brought to you by your "neighborhood small business merchant"
  4. Hippie Heaven by Jessica A. Eaton It was on a New Year’s Eve many moons ago I was driving to a party when I got stuck in the snow the temperature was dipping and I was chilled to the very bone I didn’t have any food or drink and no bars on my Obama phone Turned the heat up in my car to keep my butt from freezing found fermented grape juice ’neath my seat, dated from last season so I grabbed that homemade vino and gave the bottle a gentle tug it only took three little sips before I felt like a Kafka bug The aroma was vintage locker room and the taste was tart at first but it made me feel quite
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