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  1. thanks so much...that really helps.....Im excited to find it and listen to it.
  2. Actually, Pink Floyd did a guitar cover of The beatles' A day in the life....really psychedelic!
  3. The Soundtrack of Our Lives is amazing! Especially live, Ive never seen such a high energy show! Check these sweet Swedish boys out!
  4. Does anybody know what song they are singing in Almost Famous where they arrive at the Hyatt anbd she says, "there is no bigger Zeppling fan than Mick," they look in on two people singing along to an coustic guitar,"please...stay....I wanna hear you play..." Well? Do you know it? Id like to, it sounds so beautiful. Thanks!
  5. matild

    lost song

    does anybody know what song they are singing in this Almost Famos scene.....They first arrive at the hyatt and she says, "there is no bigger Zepplin fan than Mick"....they look in on two, singing along with an acoustic guitar,"please....stay...I wanna hear you play...." Do you know? Id really love to know...it sounds beautiful. Thanks!
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