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  1. The Dresden Dolls are a must for anyone with good taste in music. as featured in the Rolling Stone and in uncountable cult sites, they are really something for anyone who has the mind to appreciate good rock music with a creative spin. the Dresden Dolls consists of only two people - a genius songwriter (and possible former child prodigy) pianist and rock volcalist who leads the duo, and her drummer boyfriend (who is also notably talented). their music is commonly referred to as "cabaret-punk," as the singer was greatly influenced by cabaret-type german musicals, and their often enthusiastic (though sometimes painfully gloomy) music falls under the very broad and undefined "punk" umbrella. the singer/songwriter/pianist's intellectual nature leads her to exploring many interesting moods and ideas in her lyrics (the topics of which range from cars to hermaphrodites). combine the voices of patti smith, linda thompson, orenda fink, and possibly bjork and you have just a taste of what her voice alone sounds like. though a humble person in interviews, the drummer is not afraid to flaunt his talent in his music. his skillful timing and ... interesting ... percussion (especially on "coin-operated boy" from their newest album) make for many incredible rock tunes. i am known among my colleagues for having exceptionally good taste in music, and i can honestly say that this is the best band of its kind (if there are any others of its kind) that i have ever heard. buy the album, and be blown away as i was with rare talent and bizarre but catchy german-influenced themes. once you listen to their two brilliant albums the dresden dolls' music will take over you (don't worry, that's a good thing)...
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