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  1. This is "Burning dust". There is only 9 sentences. The rest of the lyrics is for exemple "a burning skin.", "Hollow desires."... 2 or 3 words. BURNING DUST Nothing more than stinking games. An animal in a cage. The score of my feelings. I am sunk into this life. I live where memories disappear. Embracing this dust, I rest in peace. And my beliefs, at the mercy of the winds. I know I'm going crazy. I'm loosing my will. It makes me die inside. Thank you. :guitar: :guitar:
  2. This song is called "One" ONE Cos I am the one who knows the things you hide, the one who can protect you. The one who knows your pride is blind. The one who takes a look in your flavoured soul. You can run, you can hide, you can hope, you can crash too. You can cry, you can try, you can pray, you won't recover from me. You're away from me. You're away from all these rainy days. Stay with me, I'll hold you up. I wanna feel her breathe on me. But I know she will die. Cos I am the one who need to believe in love, the one who calls your embrace. The one who changes the way you feel, the one who takes the angels away. You're the one. The only one. For me. The one who touches my heart, the one who makes me feel alive. The one who's pretty, the one who's great, the one who's strong, the one... where are you, God? :guitar: :guitar:
  3. ok So I must say : for exemple "the one who knows the things you hide". But, for some verbs, it's different : "can" or other verbs who take no "s" with "he", "she" or "it". Exact?
  4. Thanks for "salvation" too.
  5. Thank you. Very cool. I said Fred cos he's an old friend and an old friend of the character who speak(s) hummm I'm not sure : "s" or not? :guitar: :guitar:
  6. Tell me if my english is correct. Please
  7. hello, I'm french and I'm a singer in a (neo)metal band called : Anamnesia. I need help, I need someone who could verify my lyrics. This is "When darkness falls" If you know Freddy Vs Jason, you'll understand WHEN DARKNESS FALLS It's haunting me, haunt me! When darkness falls, I feed your dreams. I live through your wishes. I find my salvation trough your fears. I don't live on Elm's street. I'm not this man with his [bleep] glove. You can find yourself in me cos I am the illusion of your reality. When darkness falls, I fall on your flesh. Let me burn your eyes. I'm just a doctor who wanna tear your skin for him. I'm not a kind of vampire. I'm not this coward : Fred Krugger. You are afraid by my face cos I am the reflection of your personality. And I'm haunting you, hate me! :guitar: :guitar:
  8. questions-ML-95713-ML-
  9. Ok thank you! You're right, it's strange to speak english with a french
  10. My lyrics are in english. They aren't on the site. When my lyrics will be verify, I put them on the site. I'm just looking for someone who could verify these lyrics. If you want to help me, I give you my e mail and I'll send you the lyrics. :guitar:
  11. I'm sorry. We'll record 4 or 5 songs and we'll propose some downloads. You'll tell me what you're thinking about. I have to verify my lyrics before recording.
  12. Hello, I'm french and I'm a singer in a metal band : Anamnesia (neo metal). I'm looking for a person who could help me to verify my lyrics. If you wanna help me, tell me. I'll give you my e-mail. Thank you. You could go on our site : http://anamnesia.free.fr
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