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  1. Hi, looking for this song : lyric : " africa have taken my soul " or something like that, I can't rememeber exactly. But it's not (Toto - Africa) !! Thanhplay
  2. It's none of these songs. the lyrics that I remember is the chorus of the song. she sings : Ahhh Ahhh... you are my fluet ... (or something like that) It's a song played a lot of times in the radio during the 90's, as I remember. (I can't remember the hole song, but everytime i hear Fleetwood Mac - Tell me lies, it reminds me of this song)
  3. is at female solo, don't know what genre it is, but is a really relaxing song.
  4. lyric : " you are my (something starting with f, flu...) " I think the song is from the 90's, is a woman who sing. Hope someone can help me !!
  5. I'm looking for a french song in the 90's. The only thing i can remember is : She is sings in french so i'm not sure about the spelling.. but it is like " e la e la e la e la..." or " et la et la ". I think... but not sure, maybe she sings something other. Anyone
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