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  1. I'm stumped for what to say about the Test so may just bail out at this juncture...

    Geoff Boycott summed it up by saying that they are simply better than us! I guess when you can get your ball to exploit and turn in the cracks you have the advantage. We couldn't find a consistent line and length and this has been our problem so far. Poor balls lead to big scores, and good bowling on an uneven surface leads to poor batting... I see a bit of a fightback happened last night, but this 1st test is lost.

  2. I looked back and saw your photo CC - what can I say without being crude or sexist! Suffice to say you could make a red-blooded male very happy...

    Darryl, commenting on another man's good looks is fine in my book - where credit's due and all that... as long as you don't make a habit of it... lol

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