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  1. Hi BF, EA,

    Soooooo busy at the moment with work and stuff. My internet playtime is negligable nowadays unfortunately - just the odd foray here and MySpace for my sins....

    Glad to see the highbrow conversation and thought-provoking discussion continues here! lol

    BF - I don't have the time to widen my circle....

  2. It must depend on whether the particular conflict is justified in one's own eyes. For example, if I were an English civilian in WWII I would have been reluctant to die in Poland in 1939, a bit miffed at the prospect of a bullet in France in 1940, yet would have felt prepared to 'stop one' should Germany have invaded my country. The liberation of Europe in 1943/45 was wholly justified, and by that point I would have probably been in the forces anyhow...

    Now, if I were German, Italian, Romanian or Japanese... my opinion would have depended upon the extent of political brainwashing I had recieved....

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