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  1. Hi,

    DiggsUK isn't very imaginative I know, but when I was a kid I was in a kids gang we called the Diggs (can't remember why now, something to do with a character from an old black & white gangster film I think). Nice to meet you all.


  2. I think 'Drop the Pilot' is a reference/illusion to a famous 19th Century newspaper cartoon in which a Prussian politician (possibly Otto Von Bismark) is walking down the gangplank of a boat whilst a man whom I presume is Kaiser Wilhelm watches. The cartoon illustrates the end of a period of rational guidance and unification by one individual, and the takeover by a 'loose cannon' in comparison. It all ended in WWI of course.

    I apologise for any poor spelling or historic innacuracy, but it is 20 years since I took my History 'O' level at school.


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