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  1. MT - did we ever properly fall out, you great big girl's blouse? lol

    Hi Marc,

    I am off to Ireland with some mates in a couple of weeks on the Triumph to (allegedly) watch some racing... really it is an excuse for 6 old mates to drink the black stuff whilst admiring the celtic totty! Have had to sort the bike for that as I will be two-up in the company of a Mille thou, two ZX10s and a 996SPS... No worries!!! lol

  2. Tax returns... I'd rather stick pins in my eyes, except I did that already and now I can't find any more pins...

    Tennis elbow... Means I have to limit all repetitive activities involving use of my right arm...

    Clay... Our garden subsoil is clay, and having recently dug out for a patio exposing the nasty sticky stuff, the kids and pooch insist on trailing it into the house...

  3. But its always raining over here, and the beer is £3 a pint even in the cheap pubs...

    Of course, if you really want to come across you could always arrive as a tourist then claim asylum as a persecuted minority... claim you are liable for a slapping if you go back, and see what happens!

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