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  1. I saw The Division Bell tour in 1994 and the Eclipse tour in 1972.
  2. The show, of course, was outstanding. Rush is always better than ever in concert! Quite a feat. I just couldn't believe it the first time I saw them in '86. I'm an old rocker, and have seen many great bands over the last four decades. Only Pink Floyd has ever outdone Rush in concert, at least in my experience. I loved seeing all the awesome, lovely, happy families this time. Indeed, Rush crosses all demographic boundaries. Their music and guidance could last for many generations. They're that good. I also enjoyed all the middle-aged Bill and Ted's with their bellies stretching ou
  3. :jester:The only time I saw Bob Dylan live was when he toured with the Grateful Dead in 1987, in Eugene, Oregon. The Dead played a full two-set show. Then they played the role of backup band for Bob Dylan. It was fantastical. I don't think he's the greatest singer in the world, but his songs are amazing. I once read that, when asked why the Dead played so many Dylan songs, Jerry replied that he liked a song with a good tune that was about something. The tour with Dylan was the first time they played All Along The Watchtower, later to become a smoking staple for the Dead. That was
  4. Darrin Kobetich is from Long Island, New York, but lives in Fort Worth, Texas. His genre is difficult to describe, but loosely is classified as acoustic finger-picking guitar. I've heard him perform a couple of times, and his music is complex and transcendent. You can download some tracks at http://music.download.com Search for his name. He is trying to do some traveling, and has some dates scheduled in Texas. Every Friday, unless he has another gig, he plays 7-9pm at the Wreck Room on West 7th in Fort Worth. Every second Saturday of the month he is at the Spiral Diner on Mag
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