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  1. The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is a highly regarded group.

    Ah your killing me.... do you know Herbert Von Karajan? My friend turned me onto this composer. I ended up buying the DVD "Ludwig Van Beethoven Symphony No. 9 Choral" and love it. It is performed by the Berlin Philharmic Symphony. That's why I love "Ode to Joy" so much!

    Sadly that is about the extent of my classical knowledge.

  2. If I like 'adagio for strings' and 'Ode to Joy' what else will I like? Any suggestions along either of those lines?

    Also, what conductor would you suggest for Mozart's Requiem? I have had a few Requiem CD's in my wish list on Amazon. But not really sure which one to buy.

    Also, any 'ESSENTIAL CLASSICAL MUSIC SUGGESTIONS' will always be apprecitated.

    Thanks in advance! :)

  3. Ok you guys, we considered your suggestion and decided to implement it. The threads should now display according to the time stamp of the most recent post, instead of when the thread was created. Thanks for the idea :thumbsup: Everyone let us know what you think!

    :) Sara

    OK that weird, my reply to this message didnt get posted.

    Anyways, I am soooo excited about this change!!! I love it love it love it! :D

    Thanks a whole bunch!!

  4. IMO, if it's good enough to bump then it's good enough to be on the top of the page, like all threads that have just been replied to should be. This is the first forum that I've seen work like this (not have a new reply to an older thread at the top of the page). But, I don't let it bother me because I love this site too much. ::

    Also, time and time again new members will start new threads that have already been discussed extensively. Is there any way to merge already talked about topics with the original threads?

    Thanks for the reply Marcus. I too love this site, and dont let it bother me.

    I think if active threads were bumped to the top, that alone would prevent most double posts on the same subject.

    Anyway, I just thought it would be a good feature to have. At least now I know I am not alone in my logic. ::

  5. Wow tough decision!

    I would like to produce music videos! I have no skills in the job, but too many times I just see music videos that don?t own up to the original creativity in the song. And in every one of these situations, I feel I could have done a better job than 'that'.

  6. Is it possible to bump threads with new replies to the top of the list?

    For example, Eggplant posted posted a thred about 'AFI to pick 100 songs' in the movies and film thread, back in Nov 2003. I just replied to it, but the thread is still stuck on the second page.

    Bumping threads with recent activity to the top of the page will be a tremendous benefit. For one... it keeps active threads at the top of the list, while other threads with no replies can fall into the archives.

    Thanks for considering to my suggestion. :)

  7. Does anyone else reply to six month old threads or is it just me? :)

    I actually came across Eggplants post before. I googled it and found this site AFI's 100 YEARS 100 SONGS.

    According to the site the show will air June 22nd. I hope I dont miss it, that will be an amazing show to watch!

    Thanks Eggplant for mentioning this! I am surprised others-including myself-didnt thank you for posting this earlier. :D

  8. ....Phil LaMarr, who plays Marvin (the black guy, who gets shot in his face) is actually a member of the MadTV cast. Once MadTV had a skit called Gump Fiction, a crossover of Forrest Gump and Pulp Fiction - you gotta see this skit. Very funny. In this skit he also plays Marvin, fearfully cowering like in the movie.

    Hey Marcus, thanks for the lead on GUMP FICTION. I googled it and found a site that you can download it on HERE. I would have posted this earlier but every time I downloaded it Windows Media Player found an error with it. Well, I originally thought the file was corrupt, but in the past week critical updates were released for MS Windows Media Player. Anyway, the file plays without a problem now. The bad thing is... its an 11 mb file, so if your on dial up plan on spending eternity to download it.

    That clip is funny as H3ll by the way! ::

  9. I was thinking Motley Crue.

    OK, I may be a little naive when it comes to drugs. However, I swear when I was in high school, I read an article where Roger Waters said that he disdains the use of drugs. Can anyone comment about Pink Floyd and drug use if any? Was their drug use just in the early years?

    By the way, nice poll Ben, I think you forgot to add pollstop at the end of your post. I think that is what records all of the votes, and puts the "SUBMIT VOTE" button at the end. Too bad after 'x' amount of time you cant modify a message... I would have to see how many of y'all picked my homeboys Pink Floyd as the most drugged out band! :D

  10. In addition to "Natalies" I have to add the following:

    "Young Guns" Jon Bon Jovi was really inspired by this movie and made a lot of great tracks on this soundtrack.

    Others are:




    "Romy and Micheles High School Reunion"

    yeah yeah the movie sucked but the soundtrack had a lot of great 80's tunes.

  11. The best TV soundtrack is for "New York Undercover". The album (or CD, I am showing my age) is called "A Night at Natalie's". Good R&B covers of old songs and some original tunes. Thumbs up!



    Weeks ago, Catherines post about Motown music ?, made me remember the absolute SMOOTH music from the TV show NEW YORK UNDERCOVER! I ended up buying the 'NY Undercover' soundtrack as soon as it came out (back in 1995!!!), but thought it was not even a close representation of music from the show. And I really hated that!! That music was so awesome and the greatest tragedy of that show is that they never paid homage to the beautiful talented singers on that show. Or so I thought.

    Fast Forward to the year 2004, and because of Catherines post, I typed in "New York Undercover" on Amazon and discovered the follow up soundtrack to NYU, "A Night at Natalies". This 'musical honey' arrived on my doorstep on a warm spring day.... I cranked it up, put it on repeat, opened the windows and doors, and let the honey flow. Man, that was one sweet day! (I think I reinforced the fact that 'white men cant dance' because when I opened my windows and doors, my neighbors closed theirs!)

    Peaches, THANKS for mentioning that CD! I was actually going to write a review on this CD but I dont think I will bother now. If you have ANY related songs or artists similar to this, please let me know! Thanks.

  12. Other great composers are Gabriel Yared, and James Horner.

    It is always great to watch a movie and fall in love with the music that you MUST go straight from the theatre to the Music shop to buy the soundtrack. That was the case for me and 'City of Angels'. Alanis Morrisette's 'Uninvited' was honestly the song that got me to buy the soundtrack, but Gabriel Yared had four tracks on it that have since then become my favorites.

    It kind of makes you think, what would movies be without music.

  13. UPDATE: I received the "All This Time" ECD by Sting, and unfortunately, there is no way to extract the audio files of this song-or any song for that matter-from either CD-ROM. The ECD is more like a Windows 95 game than a CD. In short you walk around a medevil area and go into buildings, churches, and each time you learn a little history of Sting and some of the songs on the list.

    The description at Half.com describes it like this:

    Song List

    1. When We Dance - (acoustic version)

    2. Fragile - (acoustic version)

    3. Message In A Bottle - (acoustic version)

    4. Down So Long

    Album Notes

    ALL THIS TIME is a CD-ROM package featuring audio, video and text compiled in one interactive environment for IBM compatible computers with Windows 95. Special features include a segment on Sting's past and current movie roles, live music performances, and artwork commissioned by Sting tying in to the themes of his songs.


    I still haven't been able to find the audio tracks on the ECD. It is not like popping in a CD and pressing the play button. On this ECD you have to navigate through a maze to find them. I should mention that I didnt play with it that long. Maybe when I get some free time I will try again.

    I thought I would pass this info along in case you were considering getting the ECD too. The other reason is to renew my search for this song.... as stated in my original post. :D

    Thanks in advance!

  14. OMG great suggestions that are right in line with my tastes. Thanks. I just added about 5 DVD's to my amazon wishlist/netflix queue.

    I cant wait to watch, Live at the Pompei, U2 Go Home, and the O'brother DVD's.

    PS I cant believe I forgot to give honorable mentions to Queensryche's Operation LiveCrime, or, Santana's Supernatural. Both are really good as well.

  15. As far as DVD VIDEO COLLECTIONS go. My hands down winner is Enigma with their ?Remember the Future? DVD. It features 11 of the most creative, scenic, and amazing videos I have ever seen. All videos are directed by Michael Creatu and are filmed all over the world. Every video demonstrates his exhausting effort and stunning film work. In summary, he can capture your attention better with a simple glance of a character, than most people do with an entire video. If like this type of music, I highly recommend getting the DVD.

    In the entry of DVD CONCERTS. It?s another hands down winner?. Roger Waters The Wall live in Berlin! I would seriously give my brothers right arm, and my four wheel drive, to go back in time and see this concert live! (Thats a lot trust me.... my brothers a mechanic, and needs his right arm. I need my brother to work on my truck, and if he cant I may as well get rid of it too! :googly:)

    ARGHHH!! Where was I on the day of that historical concert????

    Anyway, those are my favorites. What are yours??

  16. Thanks Eggplant.

    I did some more searching and found out that there is an ECD with this song on it. I used "ALL THIS TIME ECD" in Google and found various ECD's on sale at Half.com with this song on it. Anyone know exactly what they mean by ECD? Can it only be played through a CD ROM? Can I go in and explore the CD and extract the music song to a regular file? Or is there any other way to transfer it to a regular format?

    Thanks for any help!

    PS If no one knows, I'll soon find out I just ordered one. ::

  17. Well, I have always thought it to be about growing old. But HERE , there are suggestions that it was about the growing division between Roger Waters, and David Gilmour.

    PS The Division Bell is my all time most listened to CD! Take it Back is an awesome song. I enjoy as much now, as when it was released . Although, Coming Back to Life, has me more upset than any other song! What the hell were they thinking? The change in tempo in the middle of the song totally massacred this song. God they where so close! They should have made two songs out of this... made a Floyd song out of the first 2 minutes and 38 seconds, and made an 80s techno pop song out of the rest of it. Oh well, thats just my opinion though!

    Hope this helps.

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