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  1. There's a song by Michael W. Smith titled "Let It Rain". It's live and is in the christian category...The chorus part is really nice. The main thing said is "Let it rain...Let it rain...Open the flood gates of Heaven...Let it rain etc." It's a pretty tune, though.
  2. Hi All, I'm new to Song Facts and I'm looking for the type of music that you listen to on a nice rainy day. Songs that are either about driving in the rain during the day or night...or even songs about rain to listen to while relaxing at home. Sort of like the two songs played at the end of the movie "Forces Of Nature" (The Balcony *instrumental tune* and Fear by Sarah Mclachlan)... I know it probably sounds weird and difficult...but any help would be great and much appreciated. Thank You, Jess [color:"forestgreen"]
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