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  1. Tull is definitely a unique band.

    "Locomotive Breath" :coolio:

    "Cross-Eyed Mary" :thumbsup:

    "Aqualung" :thumbsup:

    "Thick as a Brick" :thumbsup:

    "Hymn 43" :thumbsup:

    "Fat Man" :thumbsup:

    "Teacher" :thumbsup:

    "Skating Away" :thumbsup:

    "Bungle in the Jungle" :thumbsdown:

    Funny story about how they got their name. When they started out, they were such a terribly bad band that they had a hard time getting gigs; in fact, they would actually have to change their name each week just to get re-booked into the same clubs and pretend to be somebody different. Sometimes their agent would forget to tell them their name, so whenever they arrived at the club they'd have to look at the list of bands playing, and whichever one they haven't heard of before, that was their name. The time they got asked back at one of the clubs, they happened to be Jethro Tull that day, so the name stuck. They don't really even like the name that much since it's not original. It was somebody else's name.

    BTW, if you think "Aqualung" is scary, get a good look at Ian Anderson's mug ::.

    Jethro Tull is the name of the guy who invented the first seed drill back in the industrial revolution
  2. Guitar-Jimmy Page

    Guitar-Jimi Hendrix

    Guitar-Eric Clapton

    Drums-John Bonham

    Drums-Keith Moon

    Bass-John Entwistle

    Bass-John Paul Jones

    Keyboard-Ray Manzarek

    Keyboard-Rick Wakeman

    Vocals-Robert Plant

    Vocals-Freddie Mercury

    Vocals-Jack Bruce

    Vocals-David Bowie

    Sorry can't decide between a lot of them

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