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  1. So here's the situation: I want someone that I can't have because they live too far. We met when we were younger but we never got to be in a long term committed relationship because of certain things that were in the way. Our relationship/friendship ended and we each had separate lives. We reconnected 5 years later and it was as if the feelings we had for each other never went away and got that much stronger with distance and time. However, he realized that the distance would be too much for us to handle so he made the decision to cut things off with me because he couldn't give me a proper relationship. It was hard for both of us. Side note: We had never gotten to the point of being in love all those years ago but we did have the type of connection that would have allowed us to fall deeply if certain things didn't get in the way. With that said, I'd prefer to hear songs that don't contain the world 'love,' (just so I can relate even more) but if they do that's totally ok. So I might get too specific here but if there are any songs with any of the characteristics listed below, that would be great. Also a bonus if they're told through a woman's perspective. Looking for songs about: -loving/wanting someone at a distance - seeing each other again in the future (destiny) - having a deep connection with someone but not necessarily being in love, but just knowing that it's unique and special. -also songs through a males perspective about being the one that had to let go even though they love the other person. -any other song that you think fits this situation. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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