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  1. Hi Carl The CD I have has 4 tracks , The Dance, Last Summer, Friend In Low Places & another all sung by Garth Brooks. I got it about 1991/2. On the track Garth stops after the last verse and starts to talk, He says " You know I was driving along and I said 'Hey Garth' That's not the way you would have behaved, so I wrote a new verse" (the crowd roar when he says "Hey Garth" ) He goes on to sing it to a live crowd. I know that this song has never been released in this form I think it was a promotion Cd for the music industry Peter
  2. The Track "I Got Friend in lLow Places" with the 3rd verse. I have a CD from 1990 ish with four tracks. One of the tracks has the 3rd verse but its different from the one on the Live Album. Before he sings the 3rd verse, he stops and talks about driving along and thinking he would not behave that way. It is only after he sings the 3rd verse. Has anybody else heard this track. I think it was a Promotion disk and not released for sale.Any info please
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