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  1. Hi Deek - thank you so much! That's the one...I obviously only had a vague connection with the lyrics - and they aren't quite what I had imagined, but it's such a relief to have identified it now. Not quite correct for the theme I had in mind just at the moment but definitely an interesting song in its own right and one I think we can use in future as insecurity and anxiety will be important topics to address. This therapeutic project is requiring me to look closely at lyrics as never before!
  2. Hi Ron - intriguing. The voice sounds rather similar, but I'm sure the one I have in mind didn't have a disco beat. It's for a community music project where the concept of going through personal change will be a perennial theme, so all such possibilities may well be used. I've provided a link for a fragment for what I remember of the tune - tried to upload it directly but even these few secs are too big! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4Q8rQgXN3kKM1djRFNsbzlWODg/view?usp=sharing
  3. Thanks Carl - I've been working through a lot more of her songs to find it...but no joy. Maybe it wasn't Diana - but can't think who else it would have been that would have sounded so similar. It was a very clear voice similar to on "Do you know", but more upbeat without being disco.
  4. I'm sure I've heard a song - I thought it was Diana Ross, but I'm not sure...where a line in the chorus goes 'going through changes'. At one point it repeats 'changes', and then goes up a key, if I remember, right. I've looked through all the obvious Diana Ross songs, but it's none of those. It's quite up tempo without being a disco beat.
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