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  1. Mama mia but that's a stinker! Much head scratching to this one tonight. And all I've done is ruin my good wig. Are the BB's the Beach Boys?
  2. Golden Earring begad. I would have got that if I didn't think they were terrible! :frenchie: So we had a band that did Laser Love, then onto one who had a hit with Radar Love. Bonus points for Zab if he can keep the link going?
  3. Twin neck Danelectro there. Now that's cool. No idea who the band is though!!
  4. Very good. I take my hat of to thee and thee. You know, I only discovered that was a cover version today. Or yesterday as it may now be. I await the next chapter from the edge of my seat!!!
  5. Ok. Who be this outfit? Had a minor hit with a Falco, remember him?, cover.
  6. Yma Sumac. And yes google was involved!!
  7. Striking looking lady. Or is it? Might need some clues Edna!
  8. A couple of Bowie ones sprang immediately to mind: Hunky Dory and Station To Station. Never much cared for Ziggy.
  9. After seeing the answer I thought, Sam who? heh heh heh. Just my little joke. Away to Google him now, right enough.
  10. I must defer to Edna, gentleman that I am, because I had but no idea whodunit or, indeed, whattheydun.
  11. Sorry pop pickers - I got carried away doing really boring things! :frenchie: That's a cracker Zab. He seems oddly familiar but I'm out and out stumped. I'm going to go for Quasimodo. His face rings a bell.
  12. Something to do with Tom Petty/Mick Jagger/Macca/Clapton/Dylan... the usual suspects really?
  13. [quote=Zabadak No taste some people...! :frenchie:
  14. Dat be The Groundhogs dat be. Went out with a CND activist for a while. Played her a Groundies song... and I never saw her again!
  15. I know who it is. But I can't remember the blinking name! :sing1: Black Motorcycle Club or something?
  16. Honours go to the victor old bean. I'll bide my time and think up a stinker - which'll probably turn out to be an album cover! :frenchie:
  17. Well spotted. That's why I went the double bluff disclaimer heh heh. Foiled again!!
  18. Yup, young Gene looking suave, debonair... and probably thinking about sex! And so, to today's challenge. Who be this: Bit of a cunning bluff ahoy, too.
  19. That balancing toddler was a young Lizard King? Well I never. Is the new lad Chaim Weitz?
  20. Oh that's tough. Worth the wait Zaba. Dylan? Jerry Garcia? Winston Churchill?
  21. More Wester Flier actually! :frenchie: But yup, it's them Haphash and the Coloured Coat. Here's their only single, best tune by far on the aforementioned Western Flier.
  22. The one sitting down is, indeed, Mike Batt.
  23. Not a very good joke, in fairness. :frenchie: But... Blimey, a bit of Caravan! Now who's this obscure lot? The chap on the phone went on to further fame, maybe even furrier fame! And yes, they really are as bad as they look.
  24. Oh maaaaan. I was sure it was Pye Hastings.
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