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  1. No... I just remember the intro being about floods/weather not the rest of the song. Hope this doesn't drive everyone crazy!
  2. Hopefully, KLOS 95.5 will do their 'Rockin' from A-Z' this year and I can go through every song...
  3. Thanks Zhivko - every little bit helps!
  4. Now that's a whole different kind of progressive!
  5. First of all I want to thank everyone for replying! I knew this was going to be a tough one... Brad M & Lucky: Thanks. I don't think I was descriptive enough. The sond did have a dramatic intro with what sounded like a ominous (female?) newscaster voice talking about the tides/flood rising (maybe a dam was mentioned?), etc. but what the song was about I can't recall. Hope that helps... Farin: Yes, that is the correct quote (progress!) - I'll keep googling!
  6. Dear Board, My wife and I put pen to paper and wrote down all our favorite songs, but there's two we can't recall. Will you please help? The first song I believe was around 1980/81 (about the time Steve Winwood's "When you see a chance" was popular) and all I can remember was that it had a long, dramatic (prog rock/rock) beginning and stated something about the 'flood waters rising' or 'tides rising' (something about weather/storms). The second song (a dance/electronic song) was around 1984 and all can remember were lyrics that roughly said: "how would you like it if I came over to your house with a board and we drank Coca-Cola" Anyway, I realize that's vague, but hopefully it will jog your memory and I can close this chapter. Thanks so much!
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