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  1. For me, a beautiful lie would be any that, to the person who hears it, is better than the true. Or maybe better is not the word, more pleasant. He lies when he does not say that he no longer loves the other one, which is still in love with him, so for the person whos beeing lied too, the lie would be beautiful. Anyway, that's what I get from the lyrics, but i may be wrong.
  2. Well, it could be about cheating, but i honestly don't think so. The beautiful lie seems not to be to himself, as it would be the case if he knew the other one was cheating. Also, the second part of the song seems to be the mate telling him, and I don't think that it would say that if it was cheating. Before the post of Larin, i had two theories, but now i'm inclined to agree with him. The first theory, which is weaker, is that is about someone that is in love with another, but is afraid to show his feelings or try something, because it is afraid that the other people will not want an
  3. Thank you! Actually, i have two theories, but I rather not post them for now, I don't wanna influence other peoples opinion! I'll comment later if there are no more anwers! But I thought you view was pretty good, and i'm inclined to agree with it!
  4. Used the search and couldn't find any threads regarding this song. Is not listed on the website, nor in any other sites dedicated to interpreting song lyrics. I was wandering if you could help me figure out what this song is about. Yoav - Beautiful Lie Yesterday, today, tomorrow Fade away like frozen photographs. Remember, forget The stakes, the ways you take, The ways you make the moments pass. For every regret, I tell a beautiful lie. And I would die if you find out. I tell a beautiful lie every time that I did not open up my mouth. All the same, it’s a game, it
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