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  1. Technology changing our lives? Is Technology changing our lives?? i know this is long but please read it! wow we are in class now talkin about how everyone would die if their cell phones got taken away. (and im 16 by the way) and my phone got taken 2 years ago. and i havent had it since! at first i thought i would die! but thn after aout a month i was over it! things have been rocky at my house and i dont thin kmy parents ar ereally in the right situation to afford for me to have on eright now. but ive learned that cell phone and technology arent everything. and when i see my friends and how everyone's so into "oh leeme text" and all of that im just like..."wow imagine them without their phones" basically im jus tsayin that the world is definately changing. and if everything keeps getting s digital then their willl be less jobs and no one will be able to support their families and pay their bills. i mean look at apple. it practically changed the music industry for the better and now they have this new iPAD tablet thing. im just in an aww at how much our world has changed us. i cant wait to see the world about 50 years from now. im a very wise 16 year old and i think i might be just one of a few teens left without a phone. but i just wanna hear your thoughts] --------------------
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