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  1. Well I Love The Ad of Pepsi In Which Bill Gates Comes.. It Was Almost Best Ad For Me As Bill Gates is My Idol !! Guyzz Do You Remember Same Add !!
  2. Well Buddy Mine Will Be Logo of Dracula As It Exactly Suits With The Image of Movie !! Its In Dark Black + Red & Showing Full On Horror To Viewers Well Movie is So So But Logo is Kewl !!
  3. Well Last Movie Shown By Me Was Definately Fast n Furious 5 With Smashing Car !! Great Adventure n Views of Brazil !! It Was Sexy n Hilarious If I Need To Rank it Out Than I Will Give it 10/10. Must Watch Movie !!
  4. You Can Say These As Experience + Talent ... He is Best in Music .... His Music Can Feel You Touch You .... Glad To See Players of Music Over Here !! Keep Uploads New Pics If You Have !!
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