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  1. what about Hotel California "Although it is well known that Hotel California is actually a metaphor, there are several strange internet theories and urban legends about the "real" Hotel California. Some include suggestions that it was an old church taken over by devil worshippers, a psychiatric hospital, an inn run by cannibals or Aleister Crowley's mansion in Scotland. (thanks, Adam - Dewsbury, England)"
  2. OMG, that is the one, thank you so much I couldn't find anything on this. thank you so much, you're the best
  3. Hello everyone, I have been looking for the name of the person who sing "Opportunity" I remember hearing back in the late 60's not sure though. Does anyone know who sings it? It's driving me crazy, I tried yahooing it, but nothing comes up. Can someone please help thank you so much kaleegirl45
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