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  1. well im listenin to Put Your Hands Up For Detroit - Fedde Le Grande because it has a big deep heavy bassline that makes me want to dance like a twat......
  2. I watched Caroline the second times yesterday,I admire the film mostly because it is good to look at. Selick is as unconventional in his imagery as Gaiman is in his writing, and this is a movie for people who know and care about drawing, caricature, grotesquerie and the far shores of storytelling. In short, you might care little about a fantasy, little indeed about this story, and still admire the artistry of it all, including an insidious score by Bruno Coulais, which doesn't pound at us like many horror scores, but gets under our psychic fingernails.
  3. i have too many that i'm currently watching. how about the ones that i'm particularly enjoying?shinryaku! ika musume - how can you not love a show about a girl with tentacles as her hair, vomiting squid ink, working at a seaside cafe and trying to take over the world?kuragehime - must be a sea theme. this reminds me of otaku no musume-san, except it's not about a daughter, but a cross-dressing bishounen.mm! - fine, it's about a masochistic high schooler trying to change his ways, but it can be quite cute and sweet at moments.and a sentimental pick from my old collection for a re-watch - dennou coil - go watch it if you haven't.
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