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  1. Lizzie_G

    Three Word Story II

    and silver buttons
  2. Lizzie_G

    Who is that?

    Isn't that Richard Gere with some hairy guy?
  3. Lizzie_G

    What sweetens your coffee today II

    sounds like a great idea:)
  4. Lizzie_G

    Rate the Last Movie You've Seen

    I watched the Fast Five. it turned out pretty good:)
  5. Lizzie_G

    What are You Watching Now ?!

    I'm watching House MD:) It's great!
  6. Lizzie_G

    Movie Sequels

    Terminator 2 is a very good sequel;)
  7. Lizzie_G

    Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

    Michel Jackson & Slash - Give in to me
  8. Lizzie_G

    Bands that Changed the Course of Music

    Beatles, I guess:)
  9. Lizzie_G

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Bullet for My Valentine - Diary Of Jane:)