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  1. Thanks very much! Amazing contributions here!
  2. Regrettably, the video is not available anymore. It was this video that made me aware of the song, and I enjoyed it very much. It began with a scene from QUARTERMAINE'S TERMS and then continued with a slide show of pictures to accompany the song. Since I am a great fan of Edward Fox myself, I made a tribute of my own, also using this song, but clips instead of still images: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDCYVGOipiI
  3. Thanks very much for your transcription of the lyrics of this great song. I was very happy to have it, since I'm not a native speaker and some parts were difficult to understand. Meanwhile, however, I came across a copy of the interview (which was included with some of the releases of the single), fittingly called "Fox - A Gentleman and an Anarchist"! So here is a slightly corrected version: Edward Fox has charm. Not the sticky, transatlantic variety, nor indeed the hammy continental strain, but rather the uniquely English charm of old houndstooth jackets, unobtrusive courtesy and a complete lack of condescension. "I wouldn't live anywhere else," he said, when we spoke of the old country. "I like this country, don't you? I like the people. Bit dull sometimes, but so what? I also think the best things in theatre happen here." [Edward, Edward, Edward Fox! Edward, Edward, Edward Fox!] [What do the police think?] [siren.] "Anarchy should be a joyous thing. It should take place in the heart and mind, and speak to the heart and mind. A social revolution in thought. It should be possible ..." "I think vandalism is poetic, because it's an expression of how a human hates ugliness." "I think human beings are incredibly tolerant. If they really sat down and thought about how they are mistreated, then there really would be a revolution." [Yes, indeed, there really would be a revolution. In fact, there really would be a revolution.] [Edward, Edward, Edward Fox! Edward, Edward, Edward Fox!] The first part (about the charm) is by the interviewer, most of the rest (except for some repetitions, the imitation of the siren, the chants etc) really are verbatim quotations of Mr Edward Fox himself - including the views on anarchy etc.!
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