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  1. Thanks very much! Amazing contributions here!
  2. Regrettably, the video is not available anymore. It was this video that made me aware of the song, and I enjoyed it very much. It began with a scene from QUARTERMAINE'S TERMS and then continued with a slide show of pictures to accompany the song. Since I am a great fan of Edward Fox myself, I made a tribute of my own, also using this song, but clips instead of still images: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDCYVGOipiI
  3. Thanks very much for your transcription of the lyrics of this great song. I was very happy to have it, since I'm not a native speaker and some parts were difficult to understand. Meanwhile, however, I came across a copy of the interview (which was included with some of the releases of the single), fittingly called "Fox - A Gentleman and an Anarchist"! So here is a slightly corrected version: Edward Fox has charm. Not the sticky, transatlantic variety, nor indeed the hammy continental strain, but rather the uniquely English charm of old houndstooth jackets, unobtrusive courtesy and a complet
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