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  1. Thanks for your reply edna,it was the song by the NEWBEATS,THANKS AGAIN.
  2. Yellowsnow,thanks for replying,it was the song by the NEWBEATS,I just listened to it and that was the one.
  3. Brad_M,Thank you so much i can return to sanity,that is the song,ur a wizard,i just listened to it and it's still catchy.Thanks for taking the time to assist my search.If i have trouble remembering other songs i'll let you know
  4. Can anybody help me with the title of a song from 1964 or 1965,all i remember are the words breakaway,breakaway, breakaway,i've searched every list from 1964 to 1966,the song is going around in my head and it's making me gaga lol,it was a real catchy song,i remember i was mad for it when it was played on the radio,i was about 16 or 17 at the time,if only i knew the actual title,only the word breakaway is stuck in my head.
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