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  1. I am trying to find the band that made this song, has all earmarkings of early 80's band. I got the lyrics I just can't figure out who did the song.


    I want to see you I can't deny

    I want to feel you, you know that I can't lie

    I want to touch you, I need it now

    I've got to have you, I'm gonna get you somehow


    I like sex, let me see your body

    I like sex, let me feel your body

    I like sex, don't you know I'm horny

  2. Looking for a cd that has this tune "leaving train"

    here are the lyrics anyone familiar with it?

    Maybe I'm coming home; well, I am driving loneliness, a thousand miles

    long. I'm leaving on that train, I'm a leaving train. The music curls beside

    me, the ocean slow changes, from blue to orange, to black, to black.

    I feel like an astronaut, just got home from space, and all I want is a

    hot fudge sundae. I went to heaven, and I came back. There was no love, so I

    came back. I wanted a love as big as the ocean.

  3. there is an old film titled"the incredibly strange creatures who stopped living and became mixed up zombies". Filmed in early 60's a scene from the film had people dressed up in native tribe outfits and dancing to a great song from that era, what the name of that song? Thank you

  4. cute song I heard once on college radio station from the year 1980, simple tune, and I cannot remember any of it other than it's melody, all I have is a lyric of "taboo on you" I remember lots of wonderful harmonizing, and the song haunts me to this day. Wish I had more info on it, please let me know anything u may have. Thanks

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