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  1. Sammy - No, I definitely have no trouble remembering Mick singing this! Thanks for the lyrics - now I can practice for karaoke night at the Elks!
  2. Laurie - I think the Life On Mars DVD is coming out this fall - the music alone would be reason enough to get it but toss in Jason O'Mara & Harvey K...! I'd taped the episode that ended with 'Whiskey in the jar' & 'my Maria' and must have replayed the ending half a dozen times just for the sheer joy of the music and O'Mara's mugging in the bar scene.
  3. Laurie - thanks, but that's not it. (BTW, I really enjoyed the use of Mona Lisa & Mad Hatters in the Life on Mars series finale.) Edna - thank you, also. I'm working my way through the list, but nothing rings a bell yet. Perhaps I'll have a reverse senior moment one of these days & remember enough of it to do a lyrics search.
  4. No, it's neither Billy Joel or U2. my dim recollection is that it had a quieter sound, very melodic, but thanks a lot. Please keep the suggestions coming.
  5. I'm trying to find the name of a song about New York City from sometime in the late 70's or early 80's, when NYC had sorta gone to the dogs. Can't remember enough words to even do a lyrics search, but it was about NYC as a one beautiful lady now done on her luck, sung as a sort of metaphor ballad. Sorry for the vagueness, I mainly remember it evoking a feeling of sadness and loss. Any leads will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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