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  1. I have a ?. I checked out the members site and you seem to have a lot of members. However, the majority of them have never posted. Don't they participate at all?
  2. you have a delightful way of making a person feel very welcome. Thank you so much. I think my daughter is great too.
  3. that is just to funny I fully understand, it is always ladies first. and btw, I am home Yes, i do have my own computer. I am a computer nut among other things. Love the things. I wish I had let Lea talk me into this much sooner but I am stubborn if nothing else.
  4. I have all of my old stuff including 8tracks, 33-1/3's, cassettes etc and of course the new stuff. My daughter calls me a packrat
  5. I will have to dray out all of my old 78's and 45's and dazzle everyone with my knowledge!!
  6. Everyone seems so nice on here. No wonder my daughter is so hooked. I think that might happen to me too as I love music. Espacially the old stuff. I like almost all kinds other than opera and Heavy Metal
  7. well thank you very much. I am really enjoying it. There is sure a lot of good music out there. I think the newbies should get to nominate 4 songs Just kidding.
  8. Oh NO, now I am in trouble. I have 14 favs instead of 10. What to do? What to do?
  9. Hey kid, I need help with my avatar. PSP isn't sizing it right and when I try to put it up it won't go. It is so tiny now, I can't even see it
  10. hmmmmm, did I feel a slight tug on my leg concerning the voting process? As for Sting, I like a lot of his stuff but it would be very dull if we all liked the same thing. Thanks so much for the great welcome. I think I might hang around for a while.
  11. Hi, tks so much for doing those links for me. Lea has been helping me but I got impatient and forgot I had to do the youtube thingee. She was going to help but I really do appreciate you help.
  12. I am kind of partial to her too. Tks for the welcome.
  13. Hi, my nick is Karma and I am Lea's momm I don't know how to do this yet so will just jump in. I would like to nominate: Don't Stop Believin' by Journey and Fields Of Gold by Sting I didn't see either on the big list.
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