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    Pink Floyd

    All i have to say about Pink Floyd is that Gilmore is one of the top 5 guitarist ever for me. He is not flashy like Hendrix or Plant, but he can make some beautiful tunes come out of that guitar
  2. Ninja

    Electric Light Orchestra....

    Different Strokes for different folks i guess ;P
  3. It's probaly the best rap album in awhile. Listen to Put You On Game and try and not to say it isn't a good song or most of the album for that matter. So anybody else got this album?
  4. ....has to be one of the most underrated bands i have ever seen. Jeff Lynn is a genius. Listen to Mr. Bluesky....it is freaking amazing. It saddens me to see bands like AC/DC (WAY overrated IMO) get more radio play then a great band like ELO.