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  1. Watching as the sun sets across the open sea I never told you sunsets do strange things to me Stare across the distance...with my fingers in your hair Then I turn to kiss you....and you're not there. ...and I'm tongue tied, tongue tied and twisted over you... ...and scared of all the things that we might do. I'm tongue tied and twisted while you're crying in the night I know that this feels good...but I know that it's not right...I'm tongue tied and twisted...and scared of all the things that we might lose. I'm tongue tied and twisted...and I know one of us must choose. She says '
  2. coolest guy on the planet!!! we call him "the guy" bcuz we dopnt know his name, and we just think hed be the coolest guy to hang put with hes like double our age and looks homeless, soo cool 7 - 11 ppl. (you know the ppl at the counter)
  3. touch me - the doors lol (even though thats sorta broken english) i couldnt possible resist such a .....
  4. i am REALLY sorry bout the language, all i did was copy and paste it, so i didnt really think about changing the swearing
  5. rock the house - gorillaz yes! of course i will....
  6. funnily enoguh hes cool lol the cat in the hat
  7. to the end - my chemical romance
  8. sorry my bad i will never let.....
  9. Na na na na naa - kaiser chiefs
  10. electric (although its close) quiet or loud songs
  11. I’m hardly waiting to go home Where I feel tired and so alone And they all say that it has changed But I still feel f...ed and so deranged She holds such misery in her eyes She’s run away with what was left behind Caught in the midst of battle cries She’s not alright; she’s going out of her mind Chorus: And I’m stuck here forever Stuck now, so help me Falling forever Falling, so help me Needing to know that there’s something beyond the Screaming and pleading that I hold inside me Asking my shadows to stay far behind me Wanting to run from the future ahead me
  12. thanks everybody:D i really apprectiate everything you guys have said, it was nice meeting all of you guys, and yeah its good i didnt decide to smarten up the language i use . oh and also about the writing, i think this is one of my best, so if i post some other song or something dont expect it to be as good
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