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  1. Top Ten Mysterious Sightings At The Recent Led Zeppelin Reunion Concert in London, England

    10. A pack of Black Dogs seen roaming the parking lot.

    9. a whole lotta love.

    8. A whole new generation of music plagiarism lawyers.

    7. A crate of pre-squeezed lemons.

    6. The ghost of John Henry Bonham

    5. mescaline-flavored Ensure

    4. A dog named Strider.




  2. Hmm...that's kind of hard.

    Your Time Is Gonna Come

    How Many More Times

    The Lemon Song

    Thank You (not a favorite, but it rarely ever gets mentioned anywhere or played on the radio)

    Celebration Day

    Out On The Tiles

    That's The Way

    No Quarter

    The Rover

    In The Light

    Down By The Seaside

    Night Flight

    For Your Life

    Tea For One


    There's certainly more though.

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