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  1. Hi. The original ( PATCHES ) bt Mark Dinning is a good one. Also, IF YOU CAME BACK FROM HEAVEN BY Lori Morgan. And some of the Statler brothers songs are sad. THAT SUMMER is talking , a guy remembering the past. There is a line in the song that just blows me away every time I hear it, but I won't give it away unless you ask. From my own collection, I suggeat, " Tell Laura I love her , by ? Maybe Ray Peterson. Also, Running bear, and I can't rememebr who did it, but a country singer, Sonny James did a cover for it. Not as good, but you can listen to it. Hope this helps. lbwdec
  2. Hi All. Thanks for the responses. I did see the A & E show. It was so sad. As for the words to the song, all I remember are the last few words. NO SHE DOESN'T LOVE ME, LIKE SHE DID BEFORE, I FOUND OUT TONIGHT THAT SHE LOVES ME EVEN MORE. (LOVES ME EVEN MORE, LOVES ME EVEN MORE) AND THEN IT FADES. I am from St. Louis and it was a hit ?67, 68 somewhere in there. KXOk played it all the time. Everyone in the area remember the favorite dj back then > Johny Rabbitt.! Anyway, those are the only words I can get my brain to remember. I do have a 45 of Walter Scotts. It's called "JUST YOU WAIT". I found it years ago when I was home visiting and went to a record shop way out on Gravois. That song is o my list of "I WANT IT AND CAN'T FIND IT" . LOL Thanks again. lbwdec
  3. Does anyone rememebr this guy ? He was the lead singer for Bob Kuben and the IN Men in the mid to late 60's ? He went out on his own and had several hits, one about a guy coming home from the VN war. I think the name if the song is " Coming Home" but I am not sure. if anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it. lbwdec
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