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  1. ill pay keith (or "keeeff") $7mil if he can remember half of what he's done.... ....he's awesome though....
  2. okay im sorta new to songfacts, is peaches some godly figure in this forum?
  3. who or what is peaches? you mean the band peaches??
  4. ....yes I'm looking for songs with "la-la"'s in them. At the moment I can only think of the Simple Minds "Don't You Forget About Me" and "La La Love You" by the Pixies.... The reason for this is because I want to have a "La-La" playlist....is that wierd?
  5. ....i just sorta discovered. i was watching the end of lost in translation and "just like honey" came on....and thats the only song i've been able to think about.... so i was wondering are they a good band? in the video clip for just like honey they slighty looked like the cure (which i think is always a good thing) are there any other songs by them that are exceptionally good? if i do by an album by them which one should i start with? i was thinking phyco candy or whatever it was called cause it looks like that one is really highly rated.... thoughs....?
  6. ....is an incredible song. for those of you who don't know the song it's by a band called Joy Division. I think it's a very important song in the way it has had effect on so many artist/bands. Anyway, this song has be covered sooooooooooo many times, and like with any song that gets covered, there are good and bad versions. So, my question is fellow songfactors (or songfactettes) is what versions do you like. Personally I love the Nick Cave version. The version by the Cure is pretty good to. Oh, and Fall Out Boy's version is absolute rubbish....
  7. Ohhh god I know. Teen Spirit is so overrated. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Nirvana. I know that song is so important but I still think it's overrated....
  8. Ahhh Pennyroyal Tea. Broke my first guitar string rocking out to that. I'll always remeber that....
  9. you don't like them or you don't think they're were good?
  10. Yeah I agree with you too. "When I Come Around" is awesome. "Good Ridance (Time of Your Life)" is kick-ass, and not just because it was on Seinfeld....
  11. What can I say. It's the Pixies. You can't really explain them without listing their entire back cataloge. This album has got some funny sounding songs/titles but at the same time a sense of seriousness to it. Frank Black screaming (but also melodic vocals), Kim Deal's simple (yet awesome) bass lines....it just all fits together perfectally. If you want an introduction to the Pixies, don't get "Wave of Mutilation: Greatest Hits" just pick up this and "Surfa Rosa". This proves that the Pixies sound like no other band and no other band sounds like the Pixies. Any serious CD collection needs this. Essential Tracks - Debaser - I Bleed - Wave of Mutilation - Here Comes Your Man - La La Love You - Monkey Gone To Heaven - Mr. Grieves
  12. Robert Johnson. The dude invented rock'n'roll. Without him there wouldn't be nearly all of those guitarist....
  13. Green Day tried to be political and edgy with second rate protest/political songs but failed miserable. I think the older fans (people over 15) who were well aware of this band before American Idiot knew that they were never more than a good pop-punk band. Now I think bands changing musical direction is good, and even though it might turn out crap they still meant it. But for some reason I felt like GD were putting it on.... But hey, that's just my view....
  14. For me it's "Over the Hills and Far Away", "Going To California" (oh, and nothing sounds better when your actually going to California) & my all time favourite "Ten Years Gone". I can't believe nobody has said that yet....
  15. Ahhhh, I have spent countless hours debating (and even arguing) about this topic with friends and other fans of Nirvana.... "Nevermind" or "In Utero"? Now personally, "In Utero" is my favourite and I do think it's still the superior brother to "Nevermind". It's just so raw. Cobains voice, the riffs. It's incredible. I think softer songs ("Dumb", "All Apologies") are heavier than the actual heavier ones, like "Tourettes", "Scentless Apprentice". Kurts voice on "Dumb" still haunts me when I listen to it (try it with headphones, it sounds like he's there). Plus it's got probably my favourite Nirvan song of all time, "Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle". So fellow songfact members, discuss.... (I'm going to go and listen to In Utero now....)
  16. Well I always like knowing info on what cd's people bought, so let us all know yours.... First CD bought: Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness - The Smashing Pumpkins - Started my CD collection & my unhealth obsession with this band.... Last CD bought: Zeitgeist - The Smashing Pumpkins - Bit dissapointed.... Best spent money on a CD: Oh, Inverted World - The Shins - Was suprised to find this in a CD shop a few years ago (it would be easier now) and even more suprised to find it in Australia. I paid $26 for this 33 minute album, but god it was worth it.... Biggest suprise to find that the CD was better than you thought it would be: Plans - Death Cab for Cutie - Has spent a surprising amount of time in my CD player the last few months.... Most Wanted CD at the moment - The Boatmans Call - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - There's something about Nick Cave's music that just draws me.... If you were on a desert island, and just one CD, what would it be - Adore - The Smashing Pumpkins - Most fans of the SP don't give this album enough recognition, but it's dark, beautiful, and way before it's time.... CD in your CD player at the moment - Disintegretion - The Cure - Not my favourite album from Robert Smith and Co but has got some of the best (and dare I say worse) Cure songs out there.... Oh and I do love all the old classic bands (Zeppelin, The Who, Black Sabbath) but I just raid my dad's vinyl collection for those.... You don't have to fill in all of them or fill in the info but do some. And if you have any other categories add them into yours to!
  17. hello everybody i'm trying to remember two really good music videos nut i can't. i was hoping you could. the first is about a young boy who sees aliens invading and go's to look and i think the go on a adventure around the city and then he gets turned into a tree. i don't remember all of the details but i do remember it is an cartoon music video clip. the second is by a female singer and all it is is just her in a hotel room with an acoustic guitar. as the video clip goes shots come up on screen about how much a normal music video cost and how that much money can help 3rd world countries. e.g. a camera man paycheck would pay for 50 sacks of rice (that sorta thing) anyway i hope someone can help me cause i've been trying to remember for months (especially the alien one) anyway please try to help LOVE, PEACE & other such concepts
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