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  1. I've tried submitting facts for "Higher Power" and "Corporate America" several times, but they haven't appeared on the site. On a related note, there are also not enough Earth, Wind & Fire songs, nor are there enough songs by The Fray. I'd particularly like to see: The Fray: "She Is" "Little House" "All at Once" Earth, Wind, & Fire: "Fantasy" "Getaway" "Shining Star" "Let's Groove" Boston: All songs mentioned in my first post, especially: "Higher Power" "Corporate America" "Someone" "Cryin'" "Turn it Off" Michael Jackson: "Man in the Mirror"
  2. We're missing the lyrics for several of Boston's songs! Here are the songs that I'd like to see, all of them by Boston: "Higher Power" "Corporate America" "I Had a Good Time" "Cryin'" "Someone" "Turn it Off" "Peace of Mind" "You Gave Up on Love" "Cool the Engines"
  3. Uh, so how do I add lyrics for songs that are not yet on the site?
  4. I came here when my brother pointed out this site's superiority over metrolyrics.com. I have noticed that this site rarely forgets lyrics or tangles them into disorganized messes, while metrolyrics does that quite often.
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