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  1. Jeremy - Pearl Jam California Love - 2 Pac November Rain - Guns N' Roses Yesterdays - Guns N' Roses The Garden - Guns N' Roses
  2. A Guns N' Roses t-shirt with the new logo. 2 Kid Rock t-shirts. A 3 Doors Down t-shirt & I have a matching hat! A Matchbox Twenty t-shirt A Graham Colton Band t-shirt Oh, how embarrassing that was... Anyways, I've taken over a lot of my mom's t-shirts. A Guns N' Roses t-shirt from the AFD tour. A Kiss one. She's not very happy with me taking this one, because it's from the first concert she ever went to. A Def Leppard one. A Van Halen one An Alice Cooper one. And my aunt gave me her old Pink Floyd t-shirt.
  3. Tubthumping - Chumbawamba I knew I shouldn't have read ANYTHING titled 'Top 10 Most Annoying Songs'.
  4. Should I be ashamed to admit that I have the Spinal Tap soundtrack? Or ashamed of the fact that I kind of like it?
  5. I didn't nominate anyone, but can I still vote? Pretty please? 1. Stevie Nicks 2. Elvis Presley 3. Aretha Franklin 4. Janis Joplin 5. Celine Dion 6. Shannon Hoon 7. Eddie Vedder 8. Sinéad O'Connor 9. Nat King Cole 10. Patsy Cline 11. Frank Sinatra 12. Pat Benatar 13. Ray Charles 14. Tom Petty 15. Melissa Etheridge 16. Sarah McLachlan 17. Otis Redding 18. Pink 19. Karen Carpenter 20. Mick Jagger
  6. I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace (I think that's the band)
  7. Here Without You - 3 Doors Down When I Look To The Sky - Train Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton Last Kiss - J. Frank Wilson (or Pearl Jam) Don't Speak - No Doubt Hurt - Johnny Cash Fade To Black - Metallica Thank You - Dido Hand Me Down - Matchbox 20 Dance With My Father - Luther Vandross
  8. Thanks. My cousin heard they wrote it for one of their roadies. He was wondering if that was true or just an internet rumor.
  9. When I saw them back in October, he didn't walk off stage and he was sorta sober. Both he and the band sound awesome now. My mom saw the original line up twice. She said that his attitude has improved since then. Honestly, he has grown up a lot. I am jealous that you got to see Slash!
  10. Garth Brooks (2 times) Reba McEntire Train Matchbox 20 (2 times) 3 Doors Down (3 times) Black Crows Kid Rock (4 times) Alice Cooper Saliva Sebastian Bach Guns N' Roses (the new verison) Papa Roach (2 times) Hank Williams, Jr. Rascal Flatts (2 times) Julie Roberts Chris Cagle Blake Shelton Travis Tritt (3 times) Korn (2 times) T.I. P$C Chamillionaire Three 6 Mafia Lil Wyte
  11. Anybody know who or what 'Something To Believe In' by Poison is about?
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